NewCold Midnight Sun Tournament

NewCold Midnight Sun Tournament : Play Icehockey Through the Shortest Night of the Year!

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The 2018 NewCold Midnight Sun Tournament

Last year was such a blast! 8 teams from four countries competed over the course of a night to get their smelly gloves on The Big Prize: the NewCold Michiel de Ruyter Trophy, and the medals, pucks, stories and bragging rights that come with it.

In 2017 it was The Boozers from Belgium who reigned supreme with their impressive line-up. Rouen Old School’s French flair brought them Silver, the Titan Warriors just barely outhustled the Flying Dutchmen to take the Bronze, with the hometown boys ending in 4th place.

The Aachen Blue Elks took 5th place with a win over the exhausted Bad Tölz Tollenz Knights, while Utrecht Vintage made short work of the Geretsried Arrows to slide into 7th place. The Geretsried Arrows were everybody’s favourite, not backing down for anybody and bringing a refreshingly physical game!


Final ranking of the 2017 tournament:

  1. Belgium Boozers
  2. Rouen Old School
  3. Titan Warriors
  4. Flying Dutchmen Hockey
  5. Blue Elks Aachen
  6. Tollenz Knights Bad Tölz
  7. Utrecht Vintage
  8. Geretsried Arrows

The first annual NewCold was a great succes and it’s all been because of the wonderful teams that made the trip and endured the long night. I would like to invite all of you to send your pictures and videos to


The 2017 Midnight Sun Tournament is very excited to announce this year’s Soundtrack. Our friends Bass Modulators salute us with their pumping track “Solar”, available on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and Soundcloud.

Check it out with the link below :

 Check it out on Soundcloud right here