Tournament rules

  1. All games through the semi-finals are played in the same format: a single 15-minute period.
    1. The first 12 minutes will be played with running-time
    2. The last 3 minutes will be played with either :
      1. Stop-time if the goal-differential is 1 or the game is tied
      2. Running-time if the goal-differential is 2 or more.
  2. The Bronze Medal Game and Gold Medal Game will be a single 20-minute period game
    1. The first 17 minutes will be played with running-time
    2. The last 3 minutes will be played with stop-time regardless of score
  3. The games are played on a standard IIHF-sized rink with protective glass on the boards, player benches and officials’ bench with penalty boxes.
  4. The games will be played with hybrid icing.

Hybrid Icing : If it is clear that a player of the attacking team will get to the puck before any player other than the goalie of the defending team, no icing will be called and play will continue.

  1. During this tournament we will follow the IIHF Womens’ Rules, meaning no body-checks although body-contact with the intention to play the puck is allowed. Final decision rests with the game’s referees.
  2. Infractions of the rules are, at the discretion of the referees, penalized with :
    1. A 1 minute minor penalty, for which the clock is stopped
    2. Deliberate delay of game will be penalized with a double-minor.
    3. A 3 minute major penalty plus an automatic Game Misconduct Penalty. The penalized player is to go to the locker room, while a replacement serves the penalty. A major penalty does not expire if the other team scores.
  3. Game Misconduct penalties do not carry over to the next game.
  4. Every second Game Misconduct Penalty assessed to the same player is subject to review and possible supplemental discipline and can lead to exclusion from the tournament (regardless whether the next game is the Gold Medal Game or not).
  5. Every Match Penalty will be subject to review and possible supplemental discipline but carries an automatic one-game suspension in any case, regardless whether the next game is the Gold Medal Game or not.
  6. We have a very strict policy regarding Fair Play & Respect. Any abuse of official can be subject to supplemental discipline and Tournament Staff has the final say in any reported instances of abusive behavior towards our officials.
  7. Teams are rewarded 2 points for every win and 1 point for a tie. There will be no overtime or penalty shots in case of a tie during the group stage.
  8. Rankings are determined by the following criteria:
    1. Head-to-head results
    2. Number of points
    3. Higher number of wins
    4. Lower total Penalties-in-Minutes
  9. If knock-out games are tied at the end of regulation, a continuous sudden death overtime will played where each team will play with 3 skaters and a goaltender. If a team chooses to play without goaltender, they will have 4 skaters on the ice to their opponent’s 3.
    1. If a goaltender is changed for a skater for a reason other than a delayed penalty, that goaltender will be considered injured and not allowed back in play until the next stoppage of play.
  10. Slapshots are allowed in this tournament.