Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany and one of the most sparkling cities in Europe. Berlin is famous for the Wall that seperated east-Berlin, the capital of the DDR (the German Democratic Republic) and west-Berlin, a major city in the Federal Republic of West Germany. It became the most recognizable border in the Cold War that lasted from roughly 1950 to 1990 between East and West, NATO and Warsaw Pact, United States and Allies versus Soviet Union and Allies.

Because citizens of West Berlin were excluded from military service, Berlin became very popular with West German youths who moved in droves to the city. This inspired some of the most influential countercultures in Western society. Especially Punk, the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) and the Hamburger Schule (Hamburg School), were very influential in the perception of West Berlin culture by Westerners.

In 1989 Germany was reunified for the first time since 1945, (although second time since 1870) and de Berlin Wall was torn down. The capital for the new Federal Republic of Germany would be Berlin. Despite the taking down of the Wall, there is still a very clear contrast between the old east and west and authorities and inhabitants alike work very hard to keep the diversity intact.

Berlin has magnificent sights, a couple of which you’ll find below.



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